Ways to help



All you have to do is #Justice4Brandon on any of your social media accounts.  



You can cut and paste the email below to Solicitor Wagner and send to brenda.bachert@solicitor10.org.   Or feel free to write your own if you have the time!

Solicitor Wagner, 


I am reaching out to plead that you will make sure the ACSO ACTUALLY INVESTIGATES the murder of Brandon Nathan Tyson. His family will never and can never be the same but they may be able to find comfort in knowing the proper steps were taken, policies and procedures were followed and the TRUTH was found. 

You may also email Captain Tribble, who is Detective Finley's supervisor and can have control over the investigation moving forward. ATribble@andersonsheriff.com

Captain Tribble,

Please ensure that case #2018-15548 will actually be investigated.  It's too late to go back and fix the things that were not done at the scene but there is still evidence and statements that can be found and used to determine the truth.



Detective Bureau (864) 260-4435, ask for Cpt Andy Tribble and request that another detective be assigned to case #2018-15548.

Sheriff Chad McBride's administrative secretary Sandra McCarly (864 )260-4421, leave a message that Sheriff Mcbride needs to request a briefing or update on case #2018-15548. 

You may also use the steps below to fillout a survey on the ACSO. 


Click MYACSO (top right corner)

Scroll down and click General (bottom right)

Questions 1-5 = Very Unsatisfied

Additional Comments = Since it is now impossible to submit a survey on the "Detective Bureau" specifically, I am trying through the "General" survey. Case #2018-15548 - Detective Finley has done NOTHING in the investigation of Brandon's murder.  Please assign a detective that is actually willing to investigate. 

If that doesn't work anymore either then the ACSO has conveniently made it to where we can no longer submit a survey through any option...